Business model - far removed from an exact definition in the business sense, under this overarching concept we would like to clarify the basics in order to pave the way toward establishing a business relationship between you and our company.

Target Group

You are a member of our potential circle of customers, meaning that we both can profit from working together, if you represent a software-producing company, which has recognized that special know-how need not be kept permanently on site, and that a transfer of familiar knowledge and creative ideas sometimes ideally can take the form of "injecting" consulting services.


Our business develops through projects, which we are able to support at different positions. If you contract us on the basis of services offered, we factor daily rates defined jointly in advance, and fixed in the form of a written bid. This rate is always calculated based on a mixture of the qualifications required combined with factors like additional costs or the entire scope of the project.

If we are asked to independently realize projects, completely or in part, we sit down with the customer to work out the scope of the services to be performed and determine the cost of the activities to be carried out. On this basis we then offer a technical crew, whose payment is generally oriented on milestones, intermediate approvals, and final acceptance.

The definition of the scope of services often entails considerable costs, for which we [are obligated] to charge. In such cases we regard the rough requirement analysis as the first phase of the project, which is an integral component in the execution of the entire project and therefore does not contribute further to the overall cost.

This means that a personal conversation at the start of a business relationship is always imperative, which it is up to you to initiate. But once this first step has been taken, you will see that we can take almost all the remaining work off your hands.