Our Philosophy: Simply Clear

Nowhere else is the analogy to the art of the architect in the building industry such a wonderful fit. This has its roots in the fact that some views valid across all disciplines already have been formulated so succinctly that we dare not endeavor to optimize them, for the simple reason that it would never occur to us to redevelop optimum solutions that already exist [cf. wheel, reinventing the].

Ludwig van der Rohe’s leitmotiv Less is more both serves as a role model and shapes our style. [So much so that we integrated a stylized image of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin into our logo]. The abstract principle that the greatest possible simplification has timelessness as a consequence is one that any computer scientist can confirm wholeheartedly.

But there are also a number of special convictions of our own to which we remain true:

Agility, as we understand it, is the ability to react appropriately to project developments [and every project develops, otherwise it would be the subject of a working group] and by no means may be restricted to the process of software development.

Model-driven and generative software development can have positive effects on the course of IT projects. And we are in the fortunate position of being able to identify the cases in which it makes sense to apply these techniques.

That's all. Pretty simple, isn't it ... ?