Master builder: a somewhat old-fashioned concept, but loaded with only positive associations. Fits us perfectly ...

Ilja Pavkovic, managing director of binaere bauten gmbh Ilja Pavkovic

Ilja Pavkovic, MSc in computer science from Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, 2000. Occupied intensively with generative software development even during college, he used the framework of his award-winning thesis to lay one of the foundations of openArchitectureWare - today practically the standard MDA/MDD generator framework.

Next worked as a developer and project manager for a pure software development company and for an international trade and services company with integrated enterprise IT. Places his special planning and organizational skills at the disposal of binaeren bauten as managing director and at the disposal of our customers as project manager.

Jost Becker, managing director of binaere bauten gmbh Jost Becker

Jost Becker, MSc in computer science from Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, 1997. Managing director of binaeren bauten. Having dedicated himself to the paradigm of object orientation only at the end of his studies, he still occasionally dreams of double-dereferencing function pointers.

He developed the ability to lead an efficient and dynamic acting consulting and project firm starting in 1989 during the founding and initial phases of several allied software companies. First taking in impulses and stimuli, later forwarding them to his staff, and then finally responsible for a comprehensive, autarchic corporate unit with a yearly turnover of up to 2 million €.

For the attractive portraits binaere bauten gmbh thanks Ute Grabowsky and Thomas Köhler of the Photothek photo agency, who are also - as you can see - masters of their craft.